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Online Love SpellsFrom: Akin, Nigeria (Africa).

Respected Swami,
I want some powerful love spells, swami i am very bad luck boy, my all love relationship ruined every time.
But now i am so much depressed due to my last break up. Baba i always be loyal to my girlfriend, but all my girlfriends always ditched me. Nobody understand my loyalty and true love.
Baba please provide me very powerful love spells to attract my ex girlfriend back with me. Please i am begging to you please help me in this situation.
I also want to teach a lesson to all people who done bad with me, please tell me i want powerful black magic powers so that i can do miracles and can help people and teach a lesson to bad people.
Swami you are my last hope, i am very alone in my life, please do not say “NO” to me, i am begging you please make me your pupil and give me some powers, i need black magic miracle powers badly.
First of all do something for my love relationships, i am so much stressed due to my relationships breaking. please give me love spells to chant to getting back with my ex girlfriend.